Thursday, 29 September 2016

Trouble at home by Kaycee

I couldn’t believe it! There were loads of…well you are just going to have find out yourself. The day started pretty normally apart from the fact that it was snowing. My sister, Maddie, was really happy but mum said we couldn’t go outside because it was too dangerous; we lived on a mountain so there was a chance of avalanches.
Instead of going outside we watched a film called “Meerkats Madness” It was so boring until the meerkats started coming out of the television. It was really cool, they started playing games like Monopoly and Cludo and in like ten seconds they took over the living room.
In within a blink of an eye they were in the kitchen drinking all the orange juice, eating all the chocolate and they was about to eat the grand pancake. “Don’t you dare?” Mum shouted. The meerkats blinked and continued to wreck the house.
After about a full hour of craziness the meerkats left waving at us while walking out of the front door my family and I just waved back awkwardly. My mum turned looked at the television and it was turned off. Instead of watching the film we just played with the games and the toys that the meerkats left out.

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