Sunday, 23 September 2018

The Lost Thing Meets the Boy by Scarlet

After four long, boring days I was beginning to give up. This beach was so boring and everyone ignored me! It was like I didn’t exist but I did! Day in day out, I sat there wondering if anyone would rescue me.
I had hope.
A man came closer, then stopped and just stared at me! Then he came even closer and punched my stomach - it hurt! So I opened my mouth and spat out a beach ball. He caught it and threw it back to me!
We were having so much fun. I loved it, he was my first friend and also he was enjoying it too!!!

The Lost Thing Meets the Boy by Keiran

I have been sat on this beach for decades until I saw this person approach me. I thought maybe he might come see me. He came up and rung my red bell. Then he followed the rope and punched me in the stomach.  Then he lifted the panel on me and shouted, “Hello.”

The Lost Thing Meets the Boy by Leyton

I was just sitting on the beach like I have been doing for about two years. I suddenly saw a little skinny man with a huge forehead and a very bad haircut (I think he was just having a really bad hair day). Anyway, he was digging through the sand - I think he dropped something but anyway he walked up to a little red bell it was exactly the same colour as me. It had a string which went directly to 1 of my 8 tentacles. He was interested so he decided to follow it. The man (who I guessed was about 28) approached me. Then he began walking around me in a clockwise direction and looked up with his hand on his chin thinking ‘I wonder what this creature is?’

 He saw my belly then punched me. I felt a little weirded out then he stuck his head inside my belly and I was like, ‘OH HELL NO!’ I got straight up and got a beachball. I threw it at him because he seemed nice but it was still a risk. He caught it - he has good reflexes. We began playing and continued for a long time until we had to leave the beach.

The Lost Thing Meets the Boy by Zuzanna

I sat on the beach for months and months until this boy started to walk up me. When he came up to me he banged my old, rusty body. My body was all red and old. He shouted inside of me, “Hello!” so I decided to stretch out my wiggly, metal arms and stand up with freedom. I wanted to play so I threw a ball at him and he threw the ball back and we played catch. We looked at his bottle top collection, which was really cool. We built a huge sandcastle that looked really realistic. Sadly, we heard the people say we had to get off the beach, so we got off. He took me nearly everywhere round the whole entire town asking people if they know who I am.

The Lost Thing Meets the Boy by Madi

Yesterday was the best day ever, somebody finally noticed me! I was as happy as a machine could be. It was at about 9am when a little boy - named Mike - came calmly down the steep steps and noticed my red bell buried in the crusty sand. He looked puzzled at first but then he looked up and caught sight of my huge, tomato-looking body. All of a sudden, the boy started to walk around my huge machine and looked up at my dusty, old fan that didn’t wake up my body until somebody opened up my stomach. Mike continued walking around and came back to my front, finally he knocked on my stomach and opened me up. I slowly came alive again. The confused boy kept observing as my fan started to turn and my tentacles started to appear. Then I decided that I need to get some exercise so I opened up my chest and threw a ball at him…

The Lost Thing Meets the Boy by Roxanne

I saw him coming towards me…. His brown fuzzy hair was blowing in the beach’s cool, morning wind. His stubby legs were slowing down as he stumbled closer to me, still, yet about 5ft away. ‘Will he ignore me?’ I thought, staying as still as a rock. I watched him circle around me over and over again! (He was making me queasy!) He reached down slowly and picked up something. Something small. Something red and small. Something red small and attached to a small string...? I took a closer squint as I realised it was my old bell -that I had lost on this beach about 2 – 3 years ago… The boy rang my bell (how pleased I was to hear it again!) I later realised a sensation in my body. It was an itchy sensation with a hint of rust … At this rate I couldn’t contain myself… I was itching all over the place! Gently, I rose from the ground thinking about how scared the young boy would feel. But this boy was different. He had a puzzled look on his face, between shock and amazement. Could he be my first friend?... After that whole worrying for nothing, we played and got to know each other for hours! (And I mean hours!) We played ball, built sandcastles and played fetch from dusk, till dawn.

I never wanted this day to EVER end!!

The Lost Thing Meets the Boy by Sam

I remember when I was just chilling on the beach and everybody was disregarding me. Until a boy came up I thought he would just walk past me but I was wrong. He found my bell and resonated it. As he walked round me I was thinking about trusting him or not and then he gave me a funny look. He walked back in front of me then he punched my stomach it hurt a little then he shouted and that tickled. I figured that I could trust him so I powered myself up and he took two steps back. I thought he was scared of me so I gave him my beach ball and we started playing with each other. We played fetch he showed me his bottle cap collection we even made a sandy castle! But then a bell rang and we had to go.

The Lost Thing Meets the Boy by Murphy

Two weeks ago, I was laying down and was very bored because I had no one to play with. I was a lost thing; I saw a man at the beach. I wanted people to recognise me but when he went towards me I was a bit scared because I thought he would just walk away from me. He walked around me and wondered what I was. After that, I got up and he looked a bit scared so I got a beach ball and I gave it him to play with me. He kicked it to me and I caught it. Then we played that for a while then we played fetch but I got carried away and got a rusty pipe accidentally. Then I built a sandcastle with the man. Eventually we had to go, so we looked at a lot of places to see where I lived but he couldn’t hear me so we kept looking and looking and could not find where I lived. In the end we went to his family’s house. They told me to leave so we did. 

The Lost Thing Meets the Boy by Tyler

I was just minding my own business when a strange creature came up to me and starting to inspect me. I was just about to stand up when he opened my hatch and shouted, “Hello!”
I decided to stand up and to my surprise he didn’t run away. I threw him a ball, he kicked it back. After that we played fetch and built a sandcastle.   

The Lost Thing Meets the Boy by Jaydon

Today, I saw a mysterious boy walking towards me.  He then abused me by punching me in the stomach.  The boy lifted up one of my doors and he stuck his head through the door and shouted, “Hello!”
 I threw the boy a bouncy ball and we started to play catch.