Saturday, 30 June 2018

The Commentator by Samuel

Good afternoon and welcome,
This is Queen Elizabeth II your commentator,
Welcoming you to this big rival football match,
Between The Labour Party and The Conservative Party,
At 10 Downing Street,
And I must say the garden looks in superb condition.

Now Teresa May is ready to kick off for the Conservatives,
And the crowd is roaring and the ground is shaking,
May finally takes kick off.
May to Warman,
Warman to May,
But May is stopped in her tracks,
And who by?
Nicola Sturgeon!
The Scottish National Party leader,
Who has joined forces with the Labour Party.
Sturgeon the number 7 passes to Corbyn,
The number 10 pushes forward,
Labour have depth in this attack,
Now it’s with Sturgeon who beautifully skills off Johnson,
She shoots…
The crowd goes wild,
And Teresa May boots the ball in fury,
The ball has gone into Phil Hammond’s garden,
May knocks on the door,
But what’s this,
Hammond is in his football kit,
And he is slipping on his trainers,
He has the ball as well
Surely he is going to play,
He is walking out.
But what is this?
He is running to Sports Direct,
But Jeremy Corbyn catches him.
And that’s full time,
Labour 1 Conservatives nil.

I was the Queen,
And you were the viewer,
Good Night.

The Commentator by Jakub

Good afternoon and welcome.
This is Jakub your commentator.
I am welcoming you.
To this multi-sport event.
It is blues verse greens.
The first race is the sack race.
They are all ready to start the race.
 *bang* GO!!!
They're off.
They're going head to head.
Wait,  what they're cheating.
I think so anyway.
Wait they have tripped over each other.
I think that is going to be a draw I guess.

Next race it is running 200m.
Each team need to choose one person to run.
Blue have chosen and so have green.
This is going to be a close race.

*bang* GO!!!
They're off!
Blues have the clear advantage. 
And I was right.
They won the round the score is 1/0.

The next race is hurdles
*bang* GO!!!
The greens are doing really well and they have won.

The last and best race
The javelin
They are both on the line.
And they throw.
There in the air and they're falling down,
It bounces and the blues have won!!!

The commentator by Ben

Hello and welcome,
My name is Ben 
and I welcome you to the annual F1 racing
here in Morrisons's in Skegness.

Last time Lewis won and Ben was just a few steps behind him
so let’s see who is going to win this one today.

The racers are lining up.
They have just been in the pit stops and they are ready to go. 
They're lining up at the starting line waiting for the light to go green. 

And they're off!
Lewis is racing up front leaving all the others behind.
Oh no! 
Ben's wheel is rolling all over the place
 it looks like its going to fall off but that’s not stopping him.

He's passed granny 
and grandad
and little kid
 and he is storming behind Lewis.
He is only 3 aisles behind him.
No now two,
Now one 
but oh no there's a disturbance in the track!
A security guard has got in his way. 
He doesn’t seem happy!
If Ben can't get round him he will be out of the race.
It doesn't look good.
We may have to get Ben out of the race.
Well I guess Ben is out of the race.
Oh wait a minute Ben is getting a run up. 
What is he doing?

It looks like he's ramming the security guard. 
He's running up and it is working the guard has moved out the way!
And he's flying round the corner and within a few minutes he has caught up to Lewis
The finish line is a few meters away.

Its neck and neck.

Who will win?
Ben's in front,
No Lewis,
No Ben

And it’s a draw.

What an amazing race.

Lewis and Ben are walking to the podium.

The Commentator by Darcie

Hello ladies and gentlemen
This is your host, Jack Maynard coming live from KS2 Showjumping 2018.
The first show-jumper will be Millie and Euro, 
they will be performing in a couple of minutes but first lets talk about their past.
Euro is a 15.2hh stallion, 
he is a cob crossed with a welsh pony. 
Millie got Euro 3 years ago and they have been training ever since. 
Millie has been riding for 11 years and this is the 15th time she has show-jumped. 
1 year ago Millie was in a race with Euro and he threw her at the jump,
 but she never gave up on him.

Now its time for the show!!

Here comes Euro!!
Millie and Euro are trotting around the arena when a pigeon flies out in front of the poor horse.
He doesn't care.
He carries on when he comes up to the jump and does it perfectly.
The next jump is coming up. 
Euro leaps and Millie stays on. 
The last 3 jumps are coming up and Euro comes to them in canter.
Euro jumps the first jump 
but dodges the second,
will he jump the third one? 
Millie starts to panic.
Euro feels her tension and does a massive leap.
Millie clings on and is half off the poor thing.
She pulls herself up and walks Euro out.

Next up is Darcie and Cherry.
Cherry is a 13.5hh mare,
Her breed is a Cob.
Darcie got Cherry 5 years ago,
Darcie has been riding for 9 years.
Cherry has had spooks in the past,
But it didn't stop Darcie from riding her.
Time for her go!!

Cherry starts to canter,
She is heading for the 2 jumps
Cherry leaps the first jump
And jumps the second,
There are 4 more jumps
She has done 2 leaps so far!
She jumps the other jump perfectly and...


Sports days by Natasha

Ladies and gentleman,
Welcome to the year six sports day.
I am your commentator Natasha.
Live from on the field.

And the field is all ready,
With all the white lines.
All the parent start to line up,
For the all-day event.
All the parents are finally sat down.

The first race of the day is hurdles.
It is Elle vs Megan
Ready,  set, go!
Megan is in the lead with only five more hurdles to go,
Elle is now in the lead with just one more hurdle to go.
Elle win with a time of 55 seconds!

The next race is two in a hoop.
It is Alycia and Grace B vs Elle and Megan.
Ready, get set, go!
Elle's hoop is in the lead because the other hope is CHEATING!! 
So Elle and Megan win!

The Commentator by Maya

Hello and welcome to the 2018 Richmond sports day. 
This is Taylor Swift and I will be commentating this eventful day.
The crowd are going wild 
As the first contestants step up to the track. 
First up is the sack race. 
Everyone is ready to go 
Except for Little Timmy who is struggling to get in his sack. 
On Your Marks, Get Set, Go! 
Lucy takes the lead as Johnny is jumping fiercely behind her, 
with Little Timmy last because he is still trying to fit in his sack. 
Soon enough, Little Timmy sets off. 
A couple of steps from the start line and Little Timmy has fallen over. 
Back to the other side of the field, 
Lucy crosses the finish line in first place and Johnny in second.

Next up is the parents race. 

The parents line up. 
Lucy’s parents do some stretches. 
On Your Marks, Get Set, Go! 
Lucy’s parents speed off while Little Timmy’s parents are doing their laces for the 20th time. 
Johnny’s parents are so close to the finish line 
yet Lucy’s parents take the lead and come first.
So at the end of the day, 
we have a very happy family that gained top score, 
a very frustrated family that kept getting second 
and a family in the first aid box as the parents hurt their ankles.

The Commentator by Tegan

Good afternoon and welcome,
This is your commentator Olivia,
Welcoming you to this fight,
Between Tegan and the punch bag,
Which will begin any minute now!

And at SFK GYM…
The fight is about to begin,
Tegan starts off with a Jab Round House,
The bag goes swinging back,
Hitting her in the face!

Tegan does a Jumping Round House,
And hits her knee on the bag!
The bag swings back and knocks her to the floor,
She gets up and does her favourite combination,
Round house Jumping Round House.

The bag came flying back,
Knocking one of her teeth out!
She comes charging forward.
With a spinning round house, jab, cross, uppercut!
The back comes back with such force knocking her down!

She threw a hook,
Causing her wrist to start hurting!
Thank you for watching this fight between Tegan and the punching bag
The winner is:
The punching bag.

The Commentator by Clara

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to the annual Sports Day,
Where the contestants are warming up now for the egg and spoon race.
In the line-up we have: Timmy, Lucy, Robbie and Barbara.
The headteacher is setting up the eggs and making sure they have not been tampered with.

The parents are very excited,
Lucy’s mum is holding up a banner with her child’s name on it.
She is now being told off for trash-talking Timmy, Robbie and Barbara.
Meanwhile the headteacher is counting down from three and they’re OFF!

Barbara has dropped her egg straightaway,
She does not look very happy.
She has burst into tears and is escorted off the race track.
Timmy- previously trailing behind- is gaining on Robbie.
Will Robbie run ahead?

Oh no! Robbie has dropped his egg!
While he picks it up, Timmy races past him.
It’s tense between Timmy and Lucy.
There has been well-known rivalry between them ever since Timmy broke one of Lucy’s toys.
Halfway through the race,
Timmy is slowly but surely getting nearer Lucy.

Lucy’s mum is on the track!
She is blocking Timmy!
The headteacher dives, bringing Lucy’s mum down with them.
Timmy runs past Lucy, stepping over her mum on the track.
The casualties are quickly removed by the First Aid team.

Timmy zooms straight to the finish line and he’s WON!
He walks over to the headteacher for his sticker,
But the headteacher is shouting,
Timmy is being told off for keeping his egg down with his hand!
This is truly a shocking scandal!
He is disqualified, Lucy is declared first!
Lucy’s mum is cheering from her restraints on the playground while Lucy walks to the headteacher to collect her sticker.
This glorious moment concludes this year’s (very dramatic) egg and spoon race, and what a race it has been!

This has been Clara, coming to you live from The Richmond School for Sports Day.
After a five-minute break,
We have the sack race, in which Timmy will attempt to redeem himself.
See you in five minutes.

The Commentator by Stuart

Good afternoon and welcome,
This is Stuart  your commentator,
Welcoming you to this grudge match,
Between slide and monkey bars.

The location is 123 Playground Street.
And the pitch is in perfect condition
As Lil’ Timmy prepares
To kick off for the slides;
And this large crowd roars
As Lil’ Timmy, the slides captain,
Puts slides on the attack.

Straight away its Lil’ Timmy,
With an amazing pass to Big Jim,
Big Jim back to Lil’ Timmy,
Lil Timmy in possession now,
Moving swiftly past the swing
And a high flick over the climbing frame.
What a brilliant player Lil’ Timmy is
And only 756 years old!

Lil’ Timmy to Jeremy Windows,
Jeremy Windows passes it through
Lil’ Timmy is through…
No! he’s been tackled by the monkey bars;
But he easily gets it back,
He’s pushing onto the monkey bars again,
It’s a 1v1 situation
GOAL, Lil Timmy scored!
But wait, the kids are here…

The Commentator by Maddie

Good afternoon and welcome.
This is Jack Burner your commentator
Welcoming you to this game
Between Russia 
Image result for russian flag
and Portugal,  
     Image result for portugal flag
Which they will be kicking off this afternoon.

At 23 Bluebell Lane
And the pitch has recently been trimmed
As Danny Martin prepares
To kick off for Russia;
And this crowd is ready for excitement
As Danny, the Russian captain, puts Russia on the attack.

Straight away it’s Robbie
With a smooth pass to Jeremy,
Jeremy back to Robbie,
Robbie in possession now
Skilfully passing the filthy scooter
And a neat flick inside the dog there,
What a brilliant player Robbie is
And is still only eight years old!

Robbie to Ben,
Ben to Robbie,
Robbie is through…
No, he’s been tackled by the hosepipe;
But, he’s won the ball back very quickly
And he’s advancing on the Dutch
Keeper now,
It needs to be a goal,
He comes of his line
But Robbie chips him in brilliantly.
It’s a goal!
It’s gone in Mr Fletcher’s next door,
And Robbie’s going round annoyed
To ask for his precious ball back….

The crowd is waiting silent now.

If he can’t get the ball back,
We are done for!
This could be the end.
The doors opening
And yes, it’s Mr Fletcher,
He’s saying that Robbie can go and fetch it.
But wait, he’s not in the back garden!
Look, there is Mr Fletcher – looking very suspicious......
Still no Robbie! .....

This commentary has been cut; the Wi-Fi is down. You will no longer be able to watch it. Thank you. My tea’s ready. Bye!