Thursday, 29 September 2016

Late Night Shopping by Tyler W

“I’m hungry!” groaned Mark.
“Well go shopping then,” replied Julia.
While he was hungry he didn’t want to argue so off he went to the supermarket. Off he set in his car on the way to get his food ‘Bleep’ Julia had sent him a shopping list. “Welcome to your local supermarket please enjoys the super prices!” bleared a small speaker behind a sign.

Slowly Mark makes his way to the salad isle and looks at his phone. “Tomatoes” he mutters. Then to his surprise a packet of red juicy tomatoes come towards him singing
“We are red and were juicy
We love to squirt all over you when you cut us la, la, la.”

On to the sweet isle and he mutters “lemon drops,” Quickly the lemon drops jump off the shelf
“I want candy
I want candy
I want candy
I want candy!”
Mark now loved shopping he stood in the centre of the shop and said “cabbage, milk, sausages and ice cream. After a while, Marky started to think what would the cashier say but still he walked up to the till.
“Weeeeeeee yay,” all the items wailed around every corner. Mark took a deep breath and then walked up to the cashier and everything was normal.

Later that night he admitted he liked shopping which made Julia say
“Well you can go tomorrow,” but would it be the same
“Flour err flour!” Mark shouted
“Hello we are security would you like to leave now!”

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