Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Shop by Jessica

Nick Watson got out of his shiny Jaguar and continued his shopping. He walked through the automatic door and grabbed a trolley. Nick pulled out a piece of paper and started to look through it. He called the first item out, “Potatoes.” A bag of potatoes started walking up to his trolley singing, “Buy, me I’m Gluten Free.” Nick stood there in amazement. He picked it up and threw it into his trolley.

He then called the second item off the list and the same thing happened again. Slowly, the milk walked over to him but this time he sang a different song, “Milk, today, is half price!” Nick wasn’t that surprised the second time, so he just puts it into his trolley.

He called the next item, ”Eggs.”
“Eggs, eggs, eggs eggs and eggs.” Nick places it into his trolley. He didn’t really like this song because he thought that it was too plain and it didn’t have any special at .

Finally, he called the last item, “Rice.” The rice came down the aisle singing,
“Rice, rice is very nice.” Nick was too tired to place it into the trolley so instead he threw it in the trolley.

He then goes to the counter and wondered what she will say. When Nick turned around to pick up an item only to find that nothing was inside it. Nick steps out of the queue and realises that the shop was about to close. Nick went to the automatic door and walks through.

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