Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Meerkats by Tia M

It was just a normal night as often they were all watching Coronation Street. They were all tucked up in our unicorn onesie’s cuddling each other than…
When it was an advert we all loved the meerkat bit but then all the meerkats came jumping out of the telly when they jumped at the people they jumped up on the sofa and they were screaming their heads off. They opened the fridge; they drank the milk and ate the oranges and took the bananas. Eventually they finally took a break we got the fridge tidied up.
Then they went to the games room and got monopoly out and the chucked the cash everywhere the kids were laughing but there mum was not happy. They were so angry they told the kids to be quiet and go to their rooms and they were so sad that they had to go to their rooms. Then they settled down finally. It started to get so peaceful the parents were so happy the sighed. They sat down and fell straight asleep dreaming what would happen next.
The kids finally settled down after what had just happened they were talking to each other how the meerkats where so cute and soft and one of the meerkats sneaked into the bedroom and jumped up on the bed and fell straight to sleep and then the kids sneaked down stairs with mums duvet and they wrapped them up in it and they looked so cute and all was silence in the McRae household they were all quiet but all you could here was the meerkat snoring. They were all dreaming because you could see the dream bubbles. They all tidied up the next day and all did a little bit at a time and the meerkat that was in the kids bedroom was....

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