Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Late night Supermarket by Paris

“I’m starving!” Moaned Lucas, playing with his £50 toy tractor. Alright let’s go to the supermarket then, “But it’s a bit late isn’t it.” Answered his dad. “I am hungry, let’s go now!” Groaned Lucas. Lucas is so spoilt he gets anything he wants so his dad replied “Ok then.”
Lying on all of the posh chairs in the huge limo, Lucas was thinking what he wanted out of the Supermarket; because he knew that he could get whatever he wants. When they got to the supermarket Lucas jumped out of the shiny limo and slammed the door. When they reached the supermarket door Lucas’s dad walked to go and get a huge trolley because he knew Lucas will get nearly everything in the shop. Lucas’s dad decided that he could get some shopping off his list whilst he was there.
Lucas’s dad picked up the first item off of his list, whilst Lucas got his toys. When his dad picked up the milk, something strange happened the milk started to sing and dance to its own tune. “Milk, milk, milk.” Sang the milk. He thought he just imagined it, so he carried on shopping. Around the corners he goes. The milk kept on saying “weeeeeeeeee.” It repeated every corner it went around.” Something strange has happened to this shop.” Dad said. What will the people at the till say to this?

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