Saturday, 10 March 2018

Food of the Gods by Natasha

If my mum asks, “What do you want for tea?” I would say either chicken curry or pizza every time she asks me. Homemade chicken curry with rice is my favourite meal because it tastes spicy and delicious.   

I like to have the curry with poppadum bread and big crisps and it is so mouth-watering there are so many different tastes. I would have it every night if I could but I can't. I will never get fed up with it. Chicken curry has to have a lot of chicken and sauce but it can get way too watery or way too thick.  

Food of the Gods by Ben

Every time I go out I always get a bowl of cheesy nachos because I love the taste, and the smell of them makes me want them more and more. This would be my favourite starter of all time. 

Now after the cheesy nachos, I would either have a cheese, or ham pizza with a cheese stuffed crust for that extra taste. This is my true food of the gods. With the perfect melted cheese and the right amount of sauce to the perfect crust that is what makes a pizza. I can smell it through the kitchen doors slowly cooking just for me. 

Now nearly being full up I have to order either a syrup sponge and custard or a cold cheesecake or a good old hot chocolate fudge cake with ice-cream and many more but most of them have to have custard but when I can see the hot custard steaming in the air I know it is perfect. 

Food of the Gods by Mayzi

My favourite meal is, my mum's home-made Spaghetti bolognaise, because it tastes so yummy in my tummy, and the smell slowly drifts through the house up into my bedroom and I come stomping down the stairs and jump on the stairs landing and make a loud bang! I also scare my mum though because she thinks someone’s fallen down the stairs. I step into the kitchen where my mum is cooking the food of the absolute gods. Sometimes if my mum's lucky I will help her or I will cook the whole dinner.

My favourite dessert is, either pancakes with lemon and lots and lots of sugar on, chocolate fudge cake with extra gooey chocolate in the middle, apple pie/apple strudel with hot custard, last but not least my nan's home-made tea-cake with vanilla ice cream.

Food of the gods by Alexander

My food of the gods would most likely be Burger King because, well, I just like burgers. The food of the gods would be the double bacon cheese burger. The only bad thing is that some person out there decided to make it smaller, but more expensive! Anyway, the double bacon was a great idea! It’s the best meat ever! The cheese is good as well because it’s just the same as bacon, one of the best dairy foods. I like to have it with two different sauces so I can pick which one I want every now and then, for example, tomato ketchup for a few bites, then a different one for another, maybe mayonnaise. Also with a side of chicken nuggets, I love chicken nuggets. Especially at Burger King, and McDonald's. McDonald’s chicken nuggets come in second on the food of the gods list. Burger King is just so good. They have a wide range of foods like chicken strips, and chicken nuggets and… apple fries…?? That doesn’t make too much sense but see what I mean? Very wide range. I like to eat the chicken nuggets first, then the burger, but the burger has to have NO gherkins. Gherkins ruin the meal completely. The gherkin is slimy and wet, therefore getting the burger wet and slimy in the process of eating it. What? But anyway, I shall bow down to the creator of the double bacon cheese burger, and chicken nuggets, and Burger King. I shall bow down to you all.

Food of the Gods by Lily-Mai

Spaghetti bolognaise is my favourite meal to have for my dinner / tea, I always love it when I come home from a boring day at school and my mum tells me that we are having spaghetti bolognaise for tea, I only like it when its home made by my mum, I don’t like the microwaved meals they taste gross.

For my starter, I would have garlic bread balls, but I like them when they are homemade once again, because I don’t like garlic so I basically have dough balls for my starter with melted butter.

My main course is spaghetti bolognaise with 2 types of pasta in. I like the spaghetti the long ones, and the shells with mince meat and bolognaise sauce and sprinkled with cheese, and you have to eat it where you roll up the spaghetti and slurp it, that is one of the sounds you make when you eat it and then after you eat up the shells and the bolognaise, my favourite type of drink to have with my tea is strawberry flavoured water.

For my pudding after my tea, I either have cakes that we made a few days ago or my favourite, jam roly-poly warmed up in the microwave with custard, I love the smell of the strawberry in the jam roly-poly, but sometimes you have to be careful because the jam can be hot in your mouth.

Food of the Gods by Jakub

If I see the bacon sizzling, I always wait impatiently for it. It's hard to resist and as soon as it comes out of the pan I eat it right way. I would praise the person who found bacon. I would like to die in it so I could feel the taste of it for the last time.  

Another of my favourites, is a Mac Jr (the smallest of the Mac family) and the only reason I eat it is because I am a midget. I really like another meal and it’s from Subway and it’s called a chicken tikka. It’s a spicy sandwich with a salad inside it. 

Food of the Gods by Maddie

My starter that I do not have not very often is dough balls and sauce. It would have to be my favourite because the dough balls are warm and squishy with a hard coating on the outside; yet soft on the inside. When my dad tells me we are having it, I squeal at the top of my voice, “YEAHHHHHHHH!”
My marvellous main course must be Indian. It consists of poppadoms, garlic bread, mango chutney and plain rice. I adore this meal because it is spicy, delicious and amazing. Also I love dipping  the garlic bread in the mango chutney. I also scream when my parents tell me we are having an Indian Takeaway.
My delicious dessert is apple crumble and ice-cream. It is my grandma’s homemade one which is the best in the entire meal and world. The apples are always cooked to perfection and the crumble is always crumbly! YUM! My grandma pulls it out of the bag every single time.

Food of the Gods by Samuel

‘My food of the gods’ (my favourite food) would be KFC because I love the hot-wings - how they burst out with flavour and flames in my mouth with each bite. The fries from KFC are out of this world; the savoury salt and the smooth potato filling inside is so nice and so light on my tongue. Fries aren’t the only side I love at KFC. The juicy sweetcorn there is amazing when I take a bite the lovely sugary tasting juice squirts in to my taste buds. I also love popcorn chicken with all the spices they put in there. I used to have the boneless banquet all the time but I wanted to switch it up. 
I also really like Subway I normally have an Italian B.M.T which is salami, pepperoni and ham with green peppers, cucumbers and BBQ sauce. For drinks I would have either an Apple Tango or a Pepsi Max.
My dessert has to be an Oreo cheesecake with an Oreo milkshake with lots of whipped cream and crumbled Oreo on top. The crunch of the crumbled Oreo really packs a punch and the whipped cream is so sweet and smooth inside of my mouth. The milkshake on its own is amazing but the cheesecake cannot be beaten.

Food of the Gods by Millie

I don’t have starters ( I can then have more dessert), but for my main meal I would have homemade chicken nuggets. With their crunchy crisp outsides, the taste of them is like heaven. The touch when I cut into it’s soft but I have to get through the hard outside guarding the inside. It’s like the dragon guarding the castle. The look of it is mouth-watering and you can see the golden layer of bread crumbs. You can see the chicken sliding through the crumbs of heaven. I love it so much because my mum doesn’t make it that often so when I ask, “What’s for tea?” And she says, “Homemade chicken nuggets.” It makes me say “Yessssssss!” It tastes so good.

If I could have any dessert it would definitely be an Ice-cream sundae with cookies. The taste is just too good for words. It would be crunchy on the outside with gooey chocolate (that is really chocolatey) on the inside for the cookies, and the ice-cream would be cold with the taste of milky cream. The touch of the cookies would be lumpy from the chocolate chips and the ice-cream would be freezing, soft and smooth. The vanilla ice-cream would look as white as the snow next to the chocolate ice-cream that’s as dark as the night. The strawberry would stand out like a rose. The cookie would look like a moon with the chocolate chips as craters. The smell would be creamy from the ice-cream and the cookie would smell like a bakery.

Food of the Gods by Maya

If one day I get offered a multi-billion pound job in Hollywood on a worldwide film, I will probably be offered fancy food but I will be waiting for a desired food of the god’s meal.

My starter will contain a delicious bowl of chicken soup. The noodles will be calling me to eat them. The carrot finely chopped and the noodles.The soup itself is one of the best looking smelling and tasting soup ever.The smell is one of a kind and it looks like it has come from heaven.

The main would be a classic 8 oz burger, with a side of fries and sticks of garlic bread. The burger will have freshly picked cucumber, lettuce and on top of all that there will be two strips of the finest bacon. The chips should be finely chopped and the garlic bread should have an intense flavour and smell. The beef should be well done and richly cooked. To drink I will have a delicious glass of a flake milkshake with fresh whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a cherry on top.

The dessert is the best part of this mouth-watering three course meal. The dessert will be a massive slice of the one and only Daim cake. The cake will be covered in melted galaxy chocolate. On the side of that will be two scoops of the magnificent Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice-cream. The plate will be covered with the chocolate. The smell is extraordinary.

Food of the Gods by Tyler M

My favourite food is cheese and pepperoni pizza with chips. I like it because it is really nice and it all ways fills me up. What I really like as well is spaghetti with garlic bread and once I am done with my spaghetti I dip my garlic bread into the sauce which was with the spaghetti.
For dessert I like chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips in it and chocolate cake. It is my favourite dessert in the world!!!!

Food of the Gods by Stuart

My favourite food is pizza. The fantastic sound of the doorbell ringing at teatime means we are having takeaway and most likely pizza! 
When I have pizza I always get the biggest slice before my sister comes down to STEAL it! She sometimes even steals it when it’s in my hand but I always get it back, always. I normally eat the whole thing if my sister doesn’t first it’s like a battle who can eat the most pizza. Pizza is like the food of the gods. When I smell it and open the box it looks like heaven. Me and my sister battle for the last slice we both say, “I want it!” then my mum says, "Split it.” 
At the end I just hope we have another soon. I could just imagine the smell, the taste, the sound and the looks. I also wonder what it is like to create my own pizza. I like ham then margarita then pepperoni pizza in order. Whenever I go somewhere and I see they have pizza I don’t look at anything else just pizza. If they don’t then…

Food of the Gods by Darcie

My food of the gods (AKA- My favourite food) is Sunday dinner and when my parents buy me an orange and passion fruit J2O, it’s DELICIOUS!! I really like the healthy stuff and the Yorkshire pudding that I get as well. Also, I don’t think anyone in my family could love Sunday dinner more than me; I love the fresh smell of the roast potatoes and carrots! Over my dinner I have gravy, not too much though. 
After my tea, I normally have a chocolate sundae that tastes even better than my main course. 
If Sunday dinner wasn’t a thing then I think I wouldn’t even be eating a thing! Yorkshire puddings are the best on Sunday dinners! If my mum didn’t buy me a chocolate sundae then I would prefer a cornflake tart with custard instead… But if food wasn’t a thing? OH NO THAT WOULD BE SO AWFUL!! 
If a Sunday dinner was replaced with a barbeque then I would have sausages and a salad for pudding, it’s very tasty, but I would still have the J2O with my food as well.

Food of the Gods by Tegan

When my mum asks what’s for tea I always say the same thing, “Cheese and ham pasta and garlic bread please mum.” (My favourite food.) 
My starter would be, nachos and cheese because of the way the nachos crunch in your mouth as you chew and the cheese melting in your mouth. 
My main meal would be cheese and ham pasta because the melted cheese always tastes so cheesy and the ham adds an extra bit which makes the pasta even more delicious. Then before the garlic bread is so crunchy and so buttery nothing else is better than this I think. 
My dessert would be, my Nan's special homemade apple pie and custard because the apples are soft and easy to chew and are so juicy. The pastry of the pie is crunchy and the custard is amazing! Everything my Nan makes is homemade; it is just mouth-watering. 
It is so nice you should try it you’ll like it.

Food of the Gods by Grace N

My “Food of the Gods”, would have to be cheesy pasta with a creamy thin cheese sauce. When mum says, “What do you want for tea?” 
My answer would nearly always be, “MAC N CHEESE!!!”

The thin, cheesy pasta tubes smothered in creamy white sauce is all I will ever need. The best part is…It doesn’t even take that long!! I’m like…”THANK YOU GODS!”
Whenever I take even a whiff of the meal, I feel something inside that makes me feel like I’m in heaven!
Whenever I’m sat in the living room I can always smell the melting, smooth cheese smell. I can also hear the sizzling of the crackling pasta tubes cooking…becoming softer, “YUMMY!” I yelp.
For desert I would always have to go with salted caramel cookie dough covered in sticky delicious sauce with vanilla ice cream. The crumbling dough followed by the melting ice cream (give thanks to the warm dough.)
I get so excited when I hear the, “DING!” of the oven. Even before my mum calls me in, I go running into the kitchen. Just looking at the delicious dish makes my mouth water with delight. 
When I finish the amazing dish I scrape as much of the left over cheese on the side, I do need to savour as much of it as I can.

Food of the Gods by Carter

Every time I go to subway or anywhere that do this starter this is always my first choice as my starter: my favourite starter would have to be nachos with creamy cheese sprinkled all over them. The taste of the nachos itself are really nice but with the cheese it makes them much nicer and filling.
For my main course I would definitely choose barbeque ribs with chips and garlic bread on the side. With the barbeque sauce drizzling down the side of the ribs and I can smell it as soon as its ready. 
The desert of the gods would be a perfect cheesecake and custard or cream that’s boiling hot with strawberries on top of the cheesecake.

Food of the Gods by Clara

My food of the gods (my favourite meal) would be a three-course meal. Of course, everything would have to be gluten-free.
My starter would be one of my mum’s miniature homemade burgers - no bun - with melting grated cheese covering it entirely. It would also come with a small portion of spicy curly fries. The starter would come with tomato ketchup and salad cream, ready to be mixed together and create the perfect pink sauce: tangy, but able to cool down the curly fries. The taste of the burgers and cheese is amazing; the cheese perfectly adds some more flavour and makes the texture smooth in your mouth. The burgers smell delicious, as the cheese bubbles give an amazing aroma as you eat.
My main meal would be a meal at my favourite restaurant. I would order ham, egg and chips with tomato ketchup. Once I had it in front of me, my mouth would start to salivate. The ham would be cut into a thick chunk, and I would eat the slightly smoky ham first. Next, I would pop the egg’s surface with one of the best-tasting chips in the world. The chips crunch in your mouth and the best way to eat them is to dunk them in the egg and the ketchup before eating them. As your plate is delivered, you catch the scent of the warm chips, and can’t wait to eat everything on the plate.
Finally, my dessert would be a chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and melting chocolate all on one plate. This is probably my favourite dessert in the world. The warm brownie smells of luxurious chocolate, and the contrast of warm brownie and cool ice cream mix together in your mouth, you wish you could eat it every day. The chocolate sauce joins with the ice cream towards the end, as the ice cream. By the end of your meal, you feel like you could burst, but you don’t regret eating every last crumb of it

Food of the Gods by Ella

If I had to pick what would be my favourite food it would definitely be macaroni cheese! Every year I go to my nan's house in Harlow. Every time, I have a heavenly creamy, cheesy microwave macaroni cheese. Every time I talk about it, I can picture it in my mind. I can hear it pop and sizzle in the microwave, and when I take it out the gorgeous smell instantly hits me (like a ton of bricks) the smell wafts in through my nose into my brain making my heart dance. Every so often I would stir the melted cheese in with the pasta sauce to make sure it was properly cooked in the centre. When it’s done I would place the steaming hot dish on a plastic tray and sit down comfortably to eat it and to top it off I would dip the buttery garlic bread in to the left-over cheese sauce. 
Then for desert, I would pile on a range of different coloured scoops of ice cream on to a soft, light fluffy waffle half dipped in melted milk chocolate in a massive ice cream sundae glass cup, topped off with chocolate sauce and a gigantic squirt of whipped cream on top. Then I would grab a small spoon and dig in to the bottom where all the sauce slowly dripped down the sides to make a puddle of chocolate sauce with strawberry sprinkles scattered everywhere, once I had made my masterpiece it was time to it eat it before I get that sickly feeling in my stomach.

Food of the Gods by Alycia

My absolute favourite! Food would definitely be McDonald's double cheese burger and fries. It’s the best meal in the whole world! It's amazing the lovely soft and yummy bread bun it tastes like a cloud from heaven! Topped with two juicy beef burgers and yummy melted cheese. It’s so good with the best ketchup in the universe; it’s sweet but savoury and salty with the amazing top bun that’s heavenly with ketchup! You definitely can’t forget the crispy crunchy fries that were made to be worshipped! They have yummy soft potato inside the crispy shell like a hidden treasure. YOU CAN NOT FORGET THE TOMATO KETCHUP! It tastes like heaven, it's so good! If you need a drink you can get a large coke with ice cubes it tastes really nice you can slurp it all up from the colourful straw if you are still hungry (which is crazy) are still hungry after that amazing meal then go across from McDonald's and get some diddy donuts with chocolatey Nutella sauce and lots of sugar!! Now after this you will not be hungry until the next day! It’s a feast for royalty.

Food of the Gods by Scarlett

If I could eat anywhere in the world for every meal, it would be Kingdom. Kingdom was an amazing buffet restaurant in Newcastle, but sadly, it closed down. It sells a wide range of food from all around the world; the best part though, is its all you can eat. I run in and excitedly sit down at the glossy, glass table that appears like its magically floating in the air. I long for the waitress to come over and tell us we can go and eat. She only takes a few seconds, but they seem to take hours. At last she comes and I race to the food. My eyes dart towards the starter section and I sprint over to it. I pile my plate high with mozzarella sticks oozing with yummy mozzarella; warm chicken strips coated in crispy breadcrumbs; slices of sizzling garlic bread just being brought out of the steamy kitchen and chicken and sweetcorn soup bubbling over its container.
As soon as I have gulped down the delicious starters, I’m back on my feet. The Chinese section beckons me towards it and I happily take the crispy duck pancakes: my favourite! I get cold cucumber sticks and juicy slices of pineapple tom stuff in my paper-like pancakes. After I have demolished every last mouthful of it, I head for the Italian stand. I get carbonara pasta and pizza. It is coated in bacon, chicken, steak, ham and beef. I gulp it all down, carelessly splatting the warm, creamy sauce all over my new top!
Then it’s time for my favourite course: the one I have been looking forward to all day. I joyously sprint to the huge dessert section. My eyes are blinded by all the colourful cakes and sweet deserts. They are all in little mini portions so I can eat lots. I grab the strawberry cheesecake; raspberry cheesecake; trifle; Victoria sponge; oozing cookie dough; brownie so tasty it melts in my mouth; scoop after scoop of kinder Bueno ice cream drizzled in chocolate sauce; pancakes; banana split; mini donuts; jam sponge; strawberry mousse with a strawberry on top; and best of all: chocolate gateau!