Thursday, 29 September 2016

Food in the store by Frankie

After running through muddy puddles, Frankie was going to do some shopping at the supermarket. He started looking for food in the store and saying food off his list, when he was saying the foods they came to life, dancing and singing songs like “I’m a happy little chocolate bar!” and other things like that. Slowly Frankie carried on shopping later to realise there still dancing. Excitedly Frankie shouted everything off the shelves in the supermarket, stuff he didn’t even need he shouted.
Later that night, Frankie was still in the store, getting food and drinks until there was nothing left in the shop. He decided to try saying shop accessories like tills, shelves, trollies and baskets. So they all came dancing to him and flattened him. Frankie woke up in hospital but when he woke up the doctors were… FOOD! He screamed and ran out of the hospital later to realise he was a sausage he thought it was a dream so he closed his eyes and counted to three “One, two and three” he opened his eyes but he turned into a different food, he counted again “One two three!” he was a pizza.
Quickly he ran back to the store and everything was food. The windows were burgers the doors were ice cream, he loved it!

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