Thursday, 29 September 2016

The magic groceries by Aimee

There once was a girl called Esme who went to the supermarket every Saturday. On Saturday 17th October, she happily skipped through the door and got a trolley.
Esme got her shopping list out of her bag and read the items in her head. Slowly, she read out all of the items on her list “Milk, butter, yogurts…” she said and when she said each one, they jumped off the shelves either doing their own dance or singing their own theme song! “What is happening!!?” She said, confused.
She looked around her but no one seemed to notice anything. “Maybe I’m just imagining things,” She thought. She rubbed her eyes and opened them again…
But they were still singing in the trolley. She slowly trudged to the cashier, wondering what the lady would say. “Would she say…? Why are the groceries alive?!!! Would she say…? Did you do this?!!! Would she say… well would she scream and run off?” Esme thought. What would her mum and dad say when she gets back? She was puzzled.
Quickly she looked back in the basket and they were thankfully back to normal. “Phew.” She said. Esme quickly packed her bag and went home.

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