Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Shopping Trip by Cloud

Exhausted after marking thirty children’s books, Mr. Ball grumpily trudged into the supermarket.
“I can’t believe I have to do shopping on a day like this,” he mumbled to himself.
He walked through the automatic doors into the dreaded supermarket Mr. Ball hated everything about going to the supermarket; he hated the cheery supermarket staff that are always asking you to try stuff and he hated the other smiley customers and the same song playing over and over again.

Mr. Ball was already half way through the supermarket when he finally realized that he forgot to get a trolley.
“Oh pants I forgot to get a trolley!” he shouted as everyone around him turned and stared at him as if he was a crazy person.
“What are you looking at?” he asked as they went away.
Mr. Ball then pulled out his list from inside his right pocket,
“Ok let’s see what I need to get,” Mr. Ball said to himself than he recited the following:
Chocolate cake,
Semi-skimmed milk,
Sausage Rolls.

As Mr. Ball read out these items on the list he was amazed. Because all of these items had magically come alive and were heading towards his trolley each item was singing a different song. As he experienced this amazing happening all he could think was, how come no-one
else was seeing this? Everyone else round him was acting normal not even paying attention to this miraculous event as Mr. Ball just stood there in awe at what was happening before his eyes.
“ Chocolate cake, chocolate cake here I come I am round and yummy and I’ll make your mouth water with just one look!” sang the yummy chocolate cake as it cautiously climbed into the trolley making sure that it didn’t mess up the icing on it’s head. But the chocolate cake did leave a trail of chocolate crumbs on the floor.

This happened with all of the items on the shopping list until they all made themselcves comfortable in the trolley. As Mr. Ball made his way to the checkout all the items in the trolley shouted
“Weeeeeeee!” every time he went round a corner.
Mr Ball was so worried what the cashier would say when he went to pay but as he enters the checkout all the items went back to their normal less annoying and lifeless selves. Then Mr. Ball finished his shopping trip, as he walked out he had a huge smile on his face. Have you ever had a weird shopping trip like Mr. Ball’s trip?

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