Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Magic Items by Zia

A girl named Esme was just at home playing with her cat. Her cat was named Xandaer and he was grey and white. A couple minutes later Esme’s mum shouted her and they went to the shop. Every Friday they go to the shop and Esme writes a tiny list of what food she would like and this time her list lots of things on. Her mum counted how many things were on her list and when she got to ten she got a pencil out her pocket and crossed the rest of the things out. Esme got a little trolley and started to shop.
She said out loud the first thing on her list which was chocolate, suddenly she heard a song going like this. I am chocolate I am chocolate I’m coming to you I’m coming to you. Esme looked around then looked in her trolley and her favourite chocolate was in the trolley. She then said all the things on her list and they all came singing into her trolley. After 30 seconds passed her shopping was complete. As her mum was only just finding her second out of fifty things Esme decided to buy a camera as she loves photography so she did. When she had finished her shopping she was wondering how she would get her dancing singing items past the checkout. She finally thought of an Idea so she used her idea and at the top of her voice she shouted “SHUT UP ITEMS.” So they did. When she got home she went to see her cat Xandaer.
At night time everyone in the house went to sleep in their cosy beds. The next morning the foods were singing really loud so they took Esme’s things back to the shop and just walked round normally getting the things

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