Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Crazy Night by Dalton

It’s just a normal night when I jumped onto the sofa and switched on the TV to catch up on Coronation Street when that meerkats advert, suddenly the meerkats jumped out the advert and ran into the kitchen and drank all the milk and the apple juice and nicked my Haribos and shoved then in a bag and threw the games around and jumped back into the TV and switched it off.
Slowly dad went to bend down to pick up the games but dad splits his pants in half so I, mum and little sister Emma started laughing. Dad’s face went bright red. Then he ran upstairs and changes his pants and slowly dad walked down stairs and sat on the sofa, switched on the TV and started watching golf.
I snatched the control out of dad’s hands. Dad said “give it back”
“No we can carry on watching Coronation Street, “I said, “but it’s boring.”
“No it isn’t! It’s interesting.”
“Ok it interesting then.”

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