Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Meerkats by Anesha

The moon went down and the sun came up. Lovely and bright morning and I went down stairs and turned on the television. To catch up on ….

When I turned on the television to catch up on Coronation Street, while we were playing Monopoly and my little brother was playing Lego. Then meerkats advert came on then it paused and I was thinking what is happening I shouted my mum and dad and they came down stairs and then that’s when it all happened.

Suddenly the meerkats came out of the television and started running around my living room back and forth back and forth back and forth. Then they went into the, into the kitchen and nicked all of my sweets. Next they went into the fridge and got all of my treats and drank all of the orange juice and pierced a hole in in the milk and it went everywhere. We went running after them but they went back in the living room where we were playing Monopoly and Lego.
Then they started making this weird noise at each other. We were all wondering what they were saying they all ran to the monopoly and cards and started playing we all decided to play with them. We were playing and the game had nearly and they started to discuss again and they jumped of the chairs and ran to the front door and waved goodbye to us all. I whispered to my dad “Where are they going?”
He replied with “I think they are going back to where they belong”
Then we waved goodbye we went back to the television and notice it was off we turned it on and carried on watching coronation street. That was the end of the day we went to bed and left Monopoly and Lego on the floor.

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