Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Messy Meerkats by Tia A

The sun came down and the moon went up, the stars were shining bright. The house with all the lights on, were watching meerkat lice. The TV show was all about how meerkats scratch their lice, but the meerkat took one move and stood in their living room.
Instantly they took over the whole entire house, while playing board games and, rummaging through their bags, they searched and searched and finally found some chocolate melting on the ground.
When they finished eating the chocolate, they walked towards the fridge. Then they drank the orange juice and spilt all of the milk. But then soon after they wanted to play: Monopoly, Lego and card games.
The family were shocked but looked amazed at what they could see. But it’s time to go so open the door and walk home safely.The family began to watch the film while playing board games that were left on the floor near the door that was left by those naughty little meerkats!!!!

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