Thursday, 29 September 2016

Fluffy's visit to the vets by William

It was an ordinary day until a morning you will never hear again. My dad and I took our lovely cat called Fluffy. We had to go to the vets because our cat had fleas. On the way there my cat was sad. It was crying.
When we got there, while we were waiting for the doctor, my cat was so scared he was at the back of the basket. She didn’t want to come out at all he was so scared. When the doctor came out he shouted our names and Fluffy of cause the doctor wouldn’t let us in.
When the doctor got Fluffy out of the basket a voice said, “Why am I here?”
“Where are you?” said the doctor
“In front of you.”
“Are you the cat?”
“Yes, now I am not the one with fleas my owners are.”
After that me and me and my dad was awkwardly called in by the doctor .we both said, “Why do you want us?”
“I want you because your cat told me you have fleas not the cat.”
“Cats can’t talk.”
“But yours can.”
In the middle of the conversation Fluffy “meows”
“I told you doctor.”
“But well I have to give your flea tablets.”

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