Thursday, 29 September 2016

Late night shopping by Mia

It was a cold and shiny night and Richie was going for his late night walk to the nearest supermarket that was uptown.
When he got there his colourful shopping list out his ratchet pockets, as he got it out he got a trolley and walked into the shop. Slowly he read out the first thing on his list “apple” and into the trolley dancing and singing about. Secondly he said “carrots” then carrots came dancing and singing and everything he got was just dancing and singing and shouting “weeeeee” in the trolley.
When he got to the till food was moving it was back to its normal form. When the women looked none of the food was moving. It was all back to normal and by normal I mean not singing or dancing or doing anything it was just still and calm. After he packs the food in the carrier bag he walked out the shop and went home.

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