Thursday, 29 September 2016

The strangest time in the supermarket by Lisa

I was doing my weekly shop after work as I do every Sunday night until I thought that it was almost impossible to have experienced the secret life of grocery items.
Eventually I got into the store I decided to read out the items that I needed from the aisle I was on. “Right, so I need milk, cheese and maybe some ham.” (As you can tell, I am on the dairy aisle.) “Mmmmm, and I would like a strawberry milkshake too!” when I looked up the most shocking thing I had ever seen was before my eyes. The shopping was dancing and singing and everything had it’s own theme tune!
“Wow!” I said. All of the shopping was getting incredibly comfortable in his shopping trolley. But as I looked around, nobody seemed to notice them. It was as if they were not even there, but I could see them, I was so sure that they were there!
Wearily, I looked around at the people around me and I had so many questions for them but I thought people would question me if I was talking to my shopping. “ never mind, it doesn’t matter, they are not really there! Are they? No they can’t be.” I kept talking to myself over and over again. As I went round the corner though they were laughing, yelling and going “Weeeeeeeeeee!”
I went to the next aisle and I picked up the items myself this time but when I touched them they jumped out of my hands and ran across the floor into my shopping trolley. I had the got all of my shopping so I needed to go to the cashier. I was incredibly worried at this point at what the cashier person would say but I still went there as I needed to have my shopping so I had no choice but to go there anyway.
When he got there all the items were giggling at how fun it was on the moving floor, they kept falling over and screaming with laughter. But when each and every item was scanned, they turned back to normal “phew!” I thought in relief “ I will never forget today in my whole entire life!” I carried on packing my bags and went home that night thinking I was absolutely mad! Or was I kind of mad?

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