Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Shopping Trip by Tyler S

There I was, in my car being dragged off to another weekly shop at the local superstore. Little did I know that something extra-ordinary was going to happen.
I trudged through the double automatic doors of TESCO supermarket. I thought I saw a loaf of bread wink at me but it might have just been my imagination. But all of a sudden my Dad called out his shopping list starting with semi-skimmed milk and in the distance, you could hear someone singing.
Instantly, a semi-skimmed milk bottle walked along singing, “Milk, milk, semi-skimmed milk! Milk, milk semi-skimmed milk!” As it jumped in to the trolley who seemed to singing to “Trol-ly, tro, tro, trol-ly!”
The first thing that came to my head when I saw this was `I really hope that the CCTV doesn’t catch this!` But for a matter of fact, no-one seemed to take a glance at it at all!
You could just imagine what a sight this all singing, all dancing, weeks’ worth of food would like and not a single other person noticed. NOT ONE OTHER! Which you would notice if a singing and dancing roast chicken was tugging on your jeans!
After the last black forest gateau, which had a very high pitch voice, leaped in the trolley we steered it to the till as all the food went “WHEEEEEEEE!”
Surprisingly, the till had a song to sing, which sounded very much like the death march, but instead it had lots of `tills` in it. I said to myself at the end “I’m going to TESCO’S every day!”

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