Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Meerkats by Kaci-Shaye

All was warm and cosy in the front room. All was silent in the front room. The family was watching television, they were watching the soaps (Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders) they loved watching the soaps after a hard day at work. Then the meerkat advert came on (the children loved it they made them laugh) then the meerkats came walking out from the telly.

The family sat down and watched in amazement. The meerkats took over the front room, then they walked in the kitchen it a single file line like school kids. Slowly they opened the silver, cold fridge and took out the orange juice and had one sip each, then they got the milk out and had two sips out then they left the milk out. Quickly they searched the house for board games and they found loads in Lilly’s bedroom there were monopoly, Lego and other board games.  They had a lot of fun but then an hour later they thought they should leave the house so they waved to the nice warm family, the children watched the meerkats go into the house in front of them.

The children were quite sad that the meerkats were gone, but they were happy that they came for 1½ hours and  it was good fun they said to their parents. The parents said, “We should tidy up the way the meerkats left the house, come on kids you put the games away and me and your dad will put the drinks away and mop the floor. "                     

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