Thursday, 29 September 2016

Oscar's shopping trip by Isabelle

Oscar dragged himself down the road for a late night shop, which was not his idea of fun. As he walked past the line of shopping trolleys he held out his hand, grabbed one, and dragged it behind him miserably. Oscar walked into the supermarket and quickly put the trolley in front of him so he didn’t seem he was tired or anything.
Oscar slowly walked through the isle but instead of normal groceries they seemed to be singing. As Oscar walked past they all sang their own theme song. “We’re the bread, bread, bread, bread, bread, bread!” they sang in the isle. “We’re the MIIILLLLK buy us now, we’re semi skimmed oh yeah!” Wherever Oscar went there was singing food. He tried to ignore it and got out his shopping list. What was even weirder about this is that when Oscar put them into the trolley they started singing the start of the lion king! “Ahhhhh savenyaaaaaa!” Whenever Oscar turned a corner they screamed “Weeeeeeeeeeee!”
Oscar became worried whether the shopkeeper would accept them. Hurriedly he tried to shut them up but failed. He came to the till and the music stopped, Oscar looked down and realized they didn’t have faces anymore. Oscar stood with his mouth as wide as a river. “May I help you sir?” asked the lady “Yes p-p please.” Replied Oscar. He gathered his things and went home. Oscar turned on the TV and was just in time for pointless. This was a very rare case so it’s not just humans that have musical enthusiasm.

 P.S The singing was perfectly harmonized.

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