Thursday, 29 September 2016

Meerkat Madness by Molly

As the family of four all with the surname Monchons sat down and turned on the new 20 inch television to watch Britain’s Got Talent. They all love it. Lyla’s favourite act is Zia D the best singer. But Freddy likes Frankie Mingles and the little Teddy likes Isabelle C who has already been kicked out and last but not least mum and dad like Tia A the professional gymnast. Anyway as they turned on the telly and one of the best adverts came on it was meerkat movies but the telly was cracking and cracking and cracking even more oh no one hundred by one hundred come on to the sofa making all of the feathers go everywhere and then in the Fridge drinking the orange juice “Mind the cake!” shouted mum in shock but they ignored her and ate every single crumb and now it was enough they shooed them so they would never come again.
They all settled down in their cosy beds and fell asleep; in the middle of the night there was a bash and a clash. “What’s happening?” Lyla yelled in confusion they all hurried down stairs and the television was all back to normal we went back to bed to forget what happened earlier today. When the sun came out for a whole new day it meant to them that they can forget about what happened and let SKY have a look at it to make sure it was all ok now and nothing like that would ever happen again even though in Lyla’s dream she wishes rainbow unicorns come out the television next. Even though though mum and dad said that will never happen or will it.

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