Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Meerkats by Olivia

It was just an ordinary night at Halloween when the family of 5 girls sat down to watch Coronation Street in their unicorn onesies. That night there was a terrible storm that struck Skegness. After ten minutes the adverts came on then “crash!” lightning strikes.
Finally sparks stop coming out the TV and then…the Meerkats jump out of what’s left of the television “at Meerkat .com!” says the Meerkat. Weirdly the Meerkat runs upstairs and then comes back down wearing a unicorn headband and carrying unicorn monopoly.
The Meerkat shouts at the television screen “you are good to go!” suddenly more and more Meerkats come crawling through the television “what’s happening?” asked the girls as some more Meerkats crawl out of the television.
Quickly the girls try to run to the front door but the doors locked so the try to get to the back door but that’s crowded by all of the Meerkat army the girls run to the up stairs bathroom so they can lock the door and the window but those devils still manage to find a way in.
One of the girls reach’s into the pocket of her unicorn onesie so she can grab her phone but its not the none of the girls phones were where the left them…

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