Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Meerkats by Nicole

It was a normal late night and my family and I were watching a film, and we had popcorn and then while we were watching the film the TV went all funny and a bit 3D and it went more like 4D then 5D and 6D then 7D we just changed the film but it was still like that.
Then we changed the film and there were some meerkats but the TV was still blurry and 7D then something terrible happened. Somehow the meerkats came out of the TV that was amazing but weird, also they came out nice and safe and they are super real.
The meerkats were walking all around the house and went to the kitchen and opened the fridge and took some food out actually took all of it then we had to go to the shop to buy some more food we bought loads of food, we also had to buy a little fridge for the meerkats and more food for them of course because they would get all of our food again and we would probably starve to death. They would have a big house to live in they would be very happy. But that is not going to happen at all. So we even taught how to make the meerkats talk listen to what we say and they can do what they are told to do and they can dance tango!
We got so tired but we had to buy the meerkats a bed so my dad went to the shop to buy them and I went to bed but the meerkats are going to sleep near my bed ok I need to go to sleep now bye.

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