Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Meerkats by Kiefer

A family sprawled out on the floor, doing nothing but watching television. They were completely silent full of nothing. They were watching the nature channel. This bit of the programme was about meerkats. All of a sudden the meerkats jumped out the tele! All the family did, was watch the meerkats in amazement take over the living room. They watched the meerkats build an Eiffel tower and the statue of liberty out of lego. Still silent, the family watched the meerkats drink a bottle of milk and orange juice each. They took a hat each and raised it off their head as they ran out onto a taxi. They didn’t know what had happened but whatever happened was frightening weird and unusual.

Petrified, the family slowly walked towards the tele. They didn’t know what to do, turn tele back on, leave it, call the police. When an idea struck them. They would set a trap for them!!!!! It was genius. They laid some orange juice bottles on the floor, made a giant cage out of lego, and held it with a rope. As soon as something would jump out the tele, they would let go of the rope. They were just about to turn the tele on when….
ROAR CRASH BANG!!!!!! As they opened there eyes they had accidently turned on sky cinema. Unluckily for them the brand new Godzilla was on!!!! As there house fell to bits Godzilla was just about flamethrower when NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! The daughter had found herself in bed. “Oh my family watching meerkats coming out of the tele and then setting a trap for Godzilla then destroying the house and trying to flamethrower me with its stinky breath was just a nasty dream”. Said the girl. Well at least that’s what they think. 

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