Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Skeleton by Jack S

Inside the dull old house, there was a family of four. Inside of their house everything was dusty because no one could be bothered to clean. The dad was flicking through the television channels he settled on a channel about squids and all types of strange creatures underwater. Surprisingly, when there was a splash of water on the screen all the dust in the house gathered into a pile on the floor.
The television had turned off when the dad looked back at it. He turned his head back to the dust only to see that it was spinning everywhere and had taken the form of a human skeleton! “What the heck?” The dad said. The skeleton turned around and asked in a stony voice “Who are you? And what are you doing in my home?”
The dad had fainted by the time the skeleton had finished. The children walked into the room to see a skeleton poking their dad. “Who are you?” The children asked “My name is … … I have no idea what my name is all I can remember is that this is my home and no one else’s.”
“Oh, well we bought this house because it was for sale … Also why are you a skeleton?”
“I also don’t know why I’m a skeleton… I think I’m dead.”
“Oh, Wait DEAD?!” The children ran into the kitchen and grabbed a frying pan and a fork. When they ran back into the living room the skeleton was gone and all the dust had come back their dad woke up and said “That was a weird dream.” The children said nothing.

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