Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Alive Shopping by Kirsten

I happily pushed my trolley into the empty Morrison’s foyer; I was doing some ten thirty pm late night shopping for my 80th birthday tomorrow. My wife said I must go as it was my party. At least I like going unlike some people (yes, you Mr. Ball!). I grabbed a trolley and walked inside. Carefully, I took my list out of my pocket.

Shopping List
A chocolate gateau
A big chocolate cake
A bottle of milk
A deli platter
A block of cheese
Sandwich fillings
Some wine and beer
Sausage rolls
Anything else I like the look of!

As soon as I read the first thing out on my list, I heard a faint song.
‘Choc-late gateaux … Choc-late gateaux. I ‘m on my way!!! Choc-lat-ey’

It was all that I could hear, and then I could see a chocolate gateaux dancing it’s way to me! I was amazed. I called the next thing out on my list. “A big chocolate cake!” I called out.
Like last time, another song came.
‘Chocolate cake is on its way. It’s coming down the aisle. It’s big and round and full of joy. It’s a choc-choc-chocolate cake!’
The funny thing was as soon as they had arrived at my trolley; they jumped in and made themselves comfortable. I called many more out and the songs came again. They all harmonized together at one point. It was amazing, it was incredible. I was dumbstruck!

I looked round to see a couple of other people shopping, but no-one seemed to notice! Once my list was finished, I went round all the aisles just to see if anything else caught my eye. Annoyingly, every time I went round a corner, everything in my trolley went, “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” It was funny at first but soon became annoying.
Once I had finished looking (and had picked up many more things) I made my way to the checkouts. I was worried about what the hot lady at the checkouts would say.
“Now listen up you… listen milk, alive groceries and foods. Behave whist you are scanned and tickled else…” I weirdly said to the contents of my trolley. But they had stopped being silly and were lied like normal groceries. Was I dreaming? Never mind.
“Hello, duckie. Doing a bit of late night shopping? You ‘avin’ a party or something?” the checkout assistant asked me.
“Yes, I am having a party tomorrow.” I replied. I packed my bags, and paid: I had spent a lot more than I had planned! I took my trolley back to the trolley park and loaded my bags into the boot of my Ford™ Fiesta and drove home. That was a weird shopping trip I thought. I wonder if anyone else has had one of them, have you?

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