Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Skellig (opening) by Tia M

I was standing on the edge wondering what was going to happen next at school because there was a group of bullies and they bully everyone in the school but I was their favourite so today I got punched in the face and they put me in the dustbin and I didn’t like it.
I had blood running down my nose and my head was bleeding because on the way up I bashed my head. When I got up to the top I looked over the edge and this crumbled old rock I kicked fell into the lake and it was really low down it was a wrecked sculpture and there were rocks pocking out and it was really dangerous and then I heard someone shouting my name but I thought it was just in my head.
I stood on the edge of the cliff with my toes hanging over the edge and I looked down and I was pretty scared but I raised my hands took a deep breath and before I jumped someone shouted my name so I stopped lowered my hands and turned around but there was no one there so I turned and raised my hands again and took a deep breath and I made a decision and jumped.

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