Thursday, 18 May 2017

Michael's Diary by Anesha

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning feeling good, until my mum and dad told me that we were moving houses because my mum was pregnant and was having a baby soon and the flat was not big enough so we need a house.

So we had to take all our stuff down the stairs and because mum couldn’t do it I had to do everything that dad asked me to do. Getting down the stairs felt like 14 hours but really it wasn’t. When we got it all downstairs we put it in the van and I put my seat belt on and off we went. When we got there the name of the road was Falconer Road. It was like half an hour away from my friends and my school.

We get out of the van and I was nervous to see what the house looked like. Hopefully it was nice maybe it was a mansion you never know. We got out the van and I was ready to see my new house I saw it and I was shocked how they can have picked this awful house it looked like it was going to fall down it was disgusting what kind of person would have lived in this house.

My dad asked me if I like it. I didn’t answer...

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