Wednesday, 17 May 2017

SKELLIG (opening) by Kaycee

There he was, sick of being tortured. All of his life he dealt with being bullied and abused and now he just wanted to die.
He stood at the edge of the ancient ruins…
Max was just about to leave school he put his trainers on, so his shoes didn’t get dirty and he put his bag on. Max was walking home peacefully until he saw James. James was Max’s bully. Max tried to ignore James by walking in another direction, it didn’t work. James ran up to Max and started to hit him and scratch him, James also took Max’s bag and everything that was in it.
Max was frightened and shocked the only place he thought he would be safe if the ‘ancient ruins’. Max loved to go there because it was one of his mum's favourite places, until she died.
Max stood at the edge of the ruins looking over the azure coloured water. He stared to question his life choices to live or die. He chose to DIE! He put his arms up as if he was going to dive in to the water; the thing is… he cannot swim. Max didn’t care that he couldn’t swim he just wanted his life to be over.
Max again was getting his arms ready to dive, he stepped back in fear. Did he really want to die? Max stepped forward again looking over water. He closed his eyes….. HE JUMPED!

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