Thursday, 18 May 2017

Michael's Diary by Isabelle

Dear Diary,

Horrible. Just horrible. I can’t that this actually happened to me. It’s all because of this baby as well, the baby is not even here yet and I’m already annoyed with it.

So today was as usual. I went to school, I had lessons, and I had a math test today. Then I went home after that (again as usual) but when I got home my parents had a ‘huge surprise’ for me. At first I had my usual thought of when Dad says it’s a ‘huge surprise’ it’s not that big of a deal but little did I know that this surprise was more like bad news. “We know we’ve told you this a bit late but…” Dad paused, “We’re moving house!” 
I was speechless, and not in a good way. This was the worst ‘huge surprise’ Dad has ever given me. 
A few seconds later, Mum said, “Don’t worry you’ll have you own room at least.” 
I replied “But when are we moving?” 
They looked at each other then back at me. “Now!”

About half an hour later, all of our stuff was in the van and Mum was still trying to convince me that moving is going to be better for me. “You’ll still get to see your friends; you’re not moving school remember.” she explained  but I ignored her and climbed into the van. Car journeys are fun but when the place you’re going to is the place you’re staying they end up being so boring.

The journey seemed to go on forever but then we finally arrived. I know I shouldn’t really say this but this baby has ruined my life. If it wasn’t for this baby I would still have been living at the apartment with my family, happily. We all got out of the van and of course the first thing that Mum picks out is her beloved plant and plant pot that her grandmother had given her when she was my age. Anyway about the house. “Tardar!” Dad shouted and trust me the house was nothing to be proud of.

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