Thursday, 18 May 2017

Michael's Diary by Lisa

Dear Diary,

I was just at home today, like I am every Saturday morning, when mum and dad told me that we are moving house. And even worse, TODAY! We are only moving house because apparently, “there won’t be enough room for all four of us.” And by ‘all four of us’ she means: Me, mum, dad and my new sibling. Yes, my mum is pregnant with a little sibling who is going to take all of my attention away from me! 
So me and dad were moving things into our van so that we can take it all to the house, Dad seemed extremely excited but to be honest I’m not entirely sure why. We lived in a massive flat, and now he wants to move us to a stupid little cottage, with our stupid little baby. Mum keeps saying, “This will be better for us because remember your new family member!”

We got into our brand-new, bright blue van and started driving to the house. On the way I tried to look on the bright side, let me see: I’m moving away from ALL of my friends, I’m getting a stupid new sibling, this sibling is ruining my life and apparently, this place is in the middle of nowhere! There's absolutely nothing good that is going to come out of moving to this place!

We finally got there, (after like FOREVER, which just shows you how far away from everything, including my old house, it is) Dad got me and mum out the van before showing us his ‘new’ grotty house. It’s a dump!! I can’t live here! It’s so stupid that it looks like it is about to collapse! There is no way that any of us can survive in this place for a day and none of us have actually been in it yet, even the baby won’t survive and they are lucky because they can’t see it yet. I can’t believe this! The walls are rotting; the doors and windows are stained! NO WAY!

We went inside the house and it stunk! I went upstairs and looked around, the attic was awesome! It had dust, cobwebs and spider webs all over it! Including Spiders! YESSS!

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