Thursday, 18 May 2017

Michael's diary by William

Dear diary,
Today I was told that we are moving out of the flat. When I was at school I was worried that I wouldn’t see my friends. When I got home my mum told me that I had to help them move all of the furniture and toys. When we finished moving stuff in the van I got in and sat in the middle and put my hood up and just looked down.
When we arrived my dad was so happy but when I saw the house me and my mum were not impressed. It looked like it was going to fall down - I think the vines are still keeping it up. I was going to say it was the baby’s fault but I held that in and looked sad. When I went in,  I went straight up to the top there was a window but it was broken and a bird flew in. It was going crazy it made me jump. It looked at me then flew out. 
I went down stairs and my dad told me something I asked if I could have the room next to the bathroom he said no. So I went upstairs and sat on my bed and wrote this diary.

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