Thursday, 18 May 2017

Michael's Diary by Kaci-Shaye

Dear Diary,

Today I got home from school and dad was packing up all our belongings and then putting it in a blue, small van. I wasn’t happy at all I loved my home, my school and all my friends. My dad asked me to help him take my mattress into the van. I asked dad why we are moving. He replied because ‘We live in a tiny flat and we have a baby coming, also we have a lot of neighbours that will complain about the baby.’ We all got buckled up and set off.

As we was travelling to our new house I saw a lot of starlings (well I think it was starlings) flying above in the grey sky. I moved side to side to get comfy in the dusty, old van. We drove into a little street called Falconer Road.

I jumped out of the van in excitement when I looked up my feelings fell into the ground. It was a disaster; it looked like Spiderman decorated it for his 5th birthday. It looked like it was built in the 1800's. Dad thought it was amazing, mum was impressed but not that much, anyway the house looked it was a dump.

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