Thursday, 18 May 2017

Skellig (opening) by Jessica

I got beaten last night by my dad again. He only beats me when he drinks at the pub across the road. When he started, I used to cry for days and days and the marks were terrible. He usually only does it on Fridays so that it will heal over the weekend. When the beatings were really bad they would last until Monday. I know it’s hard to believe that my body heals so fast but I have got special powers.
Whenever I have time, I try to see what else I can do. I go to school and do lots of clubs to stay away from home as much as possible. My mum is starting to beat me too so there is really no point in staying home. I hate them and I want to see what I can do about it. Maybe these powers could teach them a lesson but I don’t know.
My parents really don’t care about me but I have realised that if I run away then that would be teaching them a lesson because they cannot use me as a punch bag. I forgot to mention that my dad is giving my mum lessons to learn how to give me scars. My mum can’t give me scars yet but she soon will be able to.
I don’t cry anymore because I realised that they like it when I cry. I try to make them find no joy in beating me but it is hard. My powers could help me run away and I could start a new life. I was thinking of Florida as they would never be able to afford going there but I don’t really like the pictures I’ve seen.
I would have to have powers to fly but I don’t know. There have been signs that I can fly but I’d have to try it out.
I have decided to try jumping off the cliff near our school. After all, I’ve got nothing to lose. If I fall then I would die but it wouldn’t matter. If it worked then that would be a bonus.

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