Thursday, 18 May 2017

Michael's Diary by Tyler S

Dear Diary, 
Today, was without a doubt the worst. 
At about 10AM this morning, I just got told that we are moving house. Even though mum did say that I will still see all my friends at school, it just won’t be the same. The reason why we are moving away from a perfectly fine flat, is because of this baby that mum is supposed to have. 
So we moved all of our stuff – which wasn’t much – into a transit van that dad hired for the day.

The journey there I thought was way longer than the hour it should be. But that might just have been me because it was awfully boring cooped up in the middle of the van and we were on the motorway, so it might have just been me imagining it. We stopped down this road called `Falconer Road`. Dad seemed overly excited about this, “Amazing new house!” Mum didn’t look as enthusiastic as dad, but tried to show a smile.

“Ta, da, da, daaa!” Dad cried, as he gestured his hands towards the house, “what do you think?” 

I was absolutely speechless. I had to say my most honest answer, so I replied “It looks like it’s about to fall over.” 
Dad reassured that the house wouldn’t fall down, but I still wasn’t convinced.

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