Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Lost Thing description from the man’s view by Kirsten

Dear Diary,
Today was just the same as usual. I went down to the beach to collect bottle tops. I found some on my boring way to the beach I found a Carlsberg™ ale top, and an orange and blue orangeade one. The last one I found was a new one, but the other was a repeated found one. I wish I could just show my collection; it’s amazing! Anyway, I didn’t find any more on my journey. I made my way to the stairs, my back aching from the hefty bag on my back.
 I walked down the long flight of stairs to the unusual beach. Bob was there vacuuming the sand as usual, and Mary was there placing the seagulls. Everyone was tanning in the sun and playing. I walked on to find a peculiar red thing in the sand; I thought it was a special bottle top. But it turned out to be a bell. I jingled it and then a big, post box red teapot shaped thing sat on the sand. Everyone, who was there, paid no attention at all. How could they not? It was ginormous! It had tentacles, coloured musty green, hanging out of many of the hatches and doors. It had a rusty, old fan at the front. It had a chimney that was puffing out smoke. It looked like a giant death machine. I would have run away if I wasn’t so petrified with fear! Then all of a sudden, it started moving, all of its tentacles moving. Its fan started going and it turned around and I could see its big pincer type things with bells on…

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