Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Lost Thing by Lisa

As I was dawdling down the steps, I found I was on a beach that I had never seen before.  I was looking down, as I usually am trying to find bottle tops, until I found something sticking out from the sand. It was red and it looked unusual so (as I always do when I see something peculiar) picked it up. It was attached to a string, so I decided to follow the sting, it led me to a very strange looking object.
It wasn’t overly big, but I can tell you, it was definitely bigger than me! It was red and rather unique.  As I walked around it, I realized how much it looked like a creature but I thought that creatures would most definitely not have an enormously large fan inside them. Would they? It had a spikey top, as if it was having a really bad hair day. It had lot of doors and hatches all over it and legs which looked like they were nailed to the ground to keep it there. 
Suddenly, I heard a bang from above me, and I slightly saw a green tentacle (not much different to the legs really). It lifted off the ground and started to turn around, it was squeaking and then suddenly!.......
It threw a ball at me. I picked it up and then the creature started jumping about like a dog would. I threw the ball at the creature and it caught it! We were playing catch for a long time but I needed to go bottle top collecting. I really didn’t want to leave it though.

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