Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Lost Thing by Kiefer

It was just a normal, old and boring day. The only good place good to look for bottle tops anymore was on the beach. I was working tirelessly on my bottle top collection, well at least until I saw a red thing half-buried underneath the sand. Curiously, I picked it up not knowing what it was. And as I picked it up, I heard a bell sound, you know, ‘ring a ring a ring’. It turns out it was a bell, a bell connected to what looked, well… lost. 
I inspected it, as all it was, was a lost thing. Nobody else seemed to notice it, as they were all too busy doing their own things. I was walking around it, when I heard a rusty sound above me, but when I looked up all I saw was nothing. I thought it was just me, imagining things, but when I saw a hatch, I thought why not?
I stuck my head through the hatch and shouted ‘hello.’
Nothing happened but then I heard a tiny ‘cling’ sound. 

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