Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Lost Thing by Kaci-Shaye

It was late afternoon when I got to the beach, looking for bottle tops. It was tiring with my bag on my back as I trudged through the sand. Whilst the other people were doing other things I had my head down looking for bottle tops. Then I found a red, dirty bell, I picked it up, it was on a rope, when I looked up there was a brown, rusty, spiky, circular big tank. I walked around the big tank and there was a hatch so I banged on it, it opened up so I popped my head through and shouted, “Hello?” there was no answer all I could hear was my voice echoing. I dropped the hatch and that also echoed. I looked up and there was a fan it got faster and faster and tentacles came out of the hatches. I was scared but I wanted to know what it was, then another hatch opened and a beach ball came flying out of it. I did not want to make it angry, so I played with the lonely, dirty tank. We played catch, it reminded me of dogs playing with balls.

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