Saturday, 8 October 2016

Describing the Lost Thing by Finley

It was a beautiful sunny day in Australia when I was collecting my bottle tops, I found the rarest bottle top ever (it was from the Stone Age) I put it in my bag and carried on walking. As I was walking onto the beach, I saw a huge red thing so I ran swiftly to it. Before I got there I found a bell, I picked it up and rang it. I walked to the big red thing and observed it for a good five seconds. Suddenly, a leg pulled itself in and made a loud bang. I got very frightened and opened a door, I then shouted, “Hello!” I quickly took my head out and closed the hatch…
Suddenly, lots of tentacles came out then the thing started rumbling and stood up, I was so terrified. The thing threw a ball out to me, indicating to play catch with me so I did.
The thing was actually very nice and I hope he stays for a lot longer. 

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