Saturday, 8 October 2016

Describing the Lost Thing

As I went on my daily stroll on the beach after a long ride on the train. I found a few bottle tops and a red sort of rusty, bizarre kind of thing. I walked closer and closer to the big thing that looked like a teapot with brownie coloured legs and doors. When I was a few feet away I saw a bell, a red bell that looked like exactly the same colour as the crazy round thing. As I was next to the thing I thought to myself this is a strange thing so I opened the rusty door and shouted “HELLO!”
The tentacles popped out and made a loud and very noisy sound as it stood up with the fan going as fast as anything. It chucked out a beach ball and we played a little bit of catch. I think we might be friends. Maybe I have a friend now.

Just one thing I wonder; why has he or she got two bells on it? Hum, I wonder why. “Oh well let’s keep on playing catch.” I said. So we played and played all day it seemed like but as I look at my watch it has only been two minutes but time will always fly when you are having fun.

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