Saturday, 8 October 2016

Discovering the Lost Thing by Mia

It was Sunday morning about 10:30; I was walking through the warm sand on the beach as I usually do to find some bottle tops for my collection. I walked a little further along and I found a little red rusty kind of bell it had something attached to it. I picked it up, looked at it then dropped it, I looked up, right there in front of me was a [big] massive red thing. This is what the bell was attached to, as I looked at it there was a tentacle thing that was hanging out but as I looked it shot back in. The thing had a big lid that was spikey, and lots of doors. I walked to the back of it and it had a little fan at the top that was creaking every time it moved. Then I walked back round to the front, I opened a little flap and shouted, “Hellooo,” it just echoed. I moved back and it started shaking. I moved back a bit more. Suddenly I started seeing tentacles coming out of the body. It also had these crab hand things. Then it threw a ball at me; I picked it up.      

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