Saturday, 8 October 2016

Discovering the Lost Thing by Jessica

As I was walking down the narrow steps, I was thinking about adding to my bottle-top collection. When I reached the bottom step, I started searching in the sand. I stopped when I saw something red and dirty. Slowly, I bent down to pick it up. I started to hear some chiming sounds coming from the red thing.
I looked up and in front of me stood a very peculiar thing. It was the same colour as the chiming thingy but a lot bigger. Trying to find more about the massive red thing, I walked around it. In the window I could see a green blob. He looked very miserable or something, I couldn’t figure it out. It started moving so I opened a hatch and shouted, “Hello.”

The hatch shut. A couple of seconds later, it came alive. It lifted itself off the ground and a beach ball popped out. It started to hop around like it wanted me to throw it back to him so I did. All of a sudden, he threw it back to me. It turns out he was a lonely thing, that just wanted someone to play with.

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