Saturday, 8 October 2016

Describing the Lost Thing by Jack

It was like any other day same gloomy street, same gloomy train same gloomy beach. I was collecting bottle tops, as always, I thought I had found one so I leaned down and picked it up it wasn’t a bottle at all. It was just a bell, but it had a string attached to it so I decided to follow it. It was weird because it followed along to a … kettle? It wasn’t doing much it was just, there really. It had a sort of look to it, like a, gloomy sad sort of look really. It also had a hatch, I opened it and peered inside, it wasn’t the brightest place, to be honest. I said, “Hello,” but there was no reply it just echoed around inside. However, there was a vibration shortly after. Tentacle like arms slowly crept out of most of the hatches and stood itself up.

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