Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Lost Thing by Tyler W

Enthusiastically walking along the dull grey path I headed towards the sandy beach searching for bottle tops as usual. Each step at a time down to the beach, searching in the sand - no bottle tops. Suddenly a red thing in the sand catches my eye, “Could this be the colalionaid 2047 top!” I thought. Reaching out all bubbly, but nope it was a bell in the middle of the sand. Now this had me thinking why there is a red bell in the middle of the sand, nevertheless I followed the rugged piece of rope. 
It wasn’t that long before I came across the end of the string and a big red thing with tentacles coming out of the bottom. I didn’t know what to do; I was speechless. It had lots of flaps, doors and hatches. I stuck my head in and yelled, “Hello!” but there was no reply. As I kept walking around this object, I decided it was a U.F.O., an unidentified foreign object. Well that’s what I thought 

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