Saturday, 8 October 2016

Describing the Lost Thing by Ava

It looked like it stood out to me, yet everybody was acting like they couldn’t see it. I   stopped and picked up an old and rusty bell that was attached by a tattered, red rope. After I had seen the old bell I knew I must know more so what I did was…
Well I am not going to tell you just yet but I will describe it for you. I saw a bright red coloured teacup kind of shape with lots of different draws and doors. As I walked around this strange, large, red object I noticed a door that looked big enough for me to fit through but I will tell you more about that later.
Now let me tell you more about this object. it was dug out of the ground and started growing tentacles, octopus like. Then I heard a strange sound it sounded a bit like a factory being knocked down.  It had thrown a ball at me, then looked at me like it wanted me to throw it back at him.

I threw it back, hoping it wouldn’t do something bad like shoot a rocket at me or something.  

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