Saturday, 8 October 2016

Discovering the lost thing by Tia A

So I was working hard on my bottle top collection until I found this thing on the beach. I picked it up and it tinkled, there was rope attached to it, it led to this strange enormous lost thing. It was weird how nobody had spotted but they wouldn’t anyway they're always doing their own things. 

So I walked towards this big red thing, it had long green tentacles poking out of holes. The lost thing was shaped like a teacup, it was rough, old and it had cupboard doors all over it. I walked towards it and said, "HELLO!" it echoed back to me - it sounded empty. After I had finished investigating the lost thing it began to shake and vibrate. The cupboard doors shot open and the long green tentacles popped out and lifted the lost thing up. I didn’t feel scared at all but I was worried what was going to happen.     

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