Monday, 19 June 2017

The Accident by Kaycee

Crème egg, crème egg siting in the fridge
Do you want to be thrown off a bridge?
I know you’re so ever silky-smooth,
But I need to test this will you approve.
I walked to the bridge with the egg in hand,
Melting it was - I hope it understands
That I’m doing this for a project to get me marks.
What was that, did it just bark?
Is it trying to tell me something that I don’t know?
My hands are sweaty I have to let go,
Doing that was a big mistake
I didn’t know you were going to break,
The crème inside came out like a bullet
I couldn’t push nor pull it
To put it in a drain near my feet
This five minutes felt like a week,
I walked home trying to ignore what I had done.
I went back the next day and it was boiling from the sun.
I found that the egg wasn’t there,
But the Easter bunny had left one new one with a pear.
I wanted to know where the broken egg had gone,
The bunny said, “It’s with John!”
“Can you show me where John is?”
Of course I can, you curious kid.
The rest I’m not allowed explain,
Because of course I’m using my brain,
Let’s just say I went to the factory,
Where everything goes when it gets a bit messy.
The Easter factory if you really want to know.
Excuse me now I have to go.

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