Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Food of the gods by Kaycee

My favourite part of the day is when dinner comes and I normally want a three course meal but obviously my mum or dad says, “NO!” So if I could have a three course meal this is what it would be.

Starter: Nachos with melted cheese and sour cream sauce.
The nachos would be soft so you could easily bite in to them, the cheese would have melted in to the nachos and the sour cream dip would be creamy with an interesting taste but it wouldn’t gross me out. I would be able to hear the sizzling of the cheese melting.

Main: Cheese burger, curly fries and baked beans with grated cheese sprinkled over it all.
The melted cheese would be oozing out of the burger and the burger itself would be very greasy. The curly fries would be crispy but not burnt and I would dip them in salad cream. The burger would make my hands hot when I touched it but it would not burn them. The grated cheese would have melted all over the beans and curly fries. Whilst looking at it my mouth would water and when I bite in to the burger it would melt in my mouth.

Dessert: Iced chocolate sponge with melted chocolate on top and vanilla ice-cream
The glistening chocolate would melt down the cake. The cake would be soft and spongy. The smell of chocolate would fill the room and I would make me lick my lips. The ice cream would be hard but not so hard that you could not put a spoon in it, it would also be cold but it wouldn’t give me brain freeze.

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