Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Food of the gods by Ava

I would have a Quorn and cucumber sandwich served with cheese and onion Pombears. When I take a bite I can feel the soft bread which mixes well with the fresh cold cucumber which mixes with the Quorn. It tastes so good I could die. Most people have no clue what Quorn is but if you didn’t know it makes vegetarian versions of meat foods.

My food of the gods would be a soft crispy veggie burger in a soft fresh from the bakery bun. I would like to have a great big handful of curly fries with my veggie burger and for a finishing touch a pot of ketchup. If someone handed that to me it would be gone in like a millisecond. When you take a bite it reminds me of America and how it would be there.
For my pudding I would have the schools marble sponge topped off with chocolate custard. When I take a spoonful of that it really does make my day. And it mixes really well with the warm chocolate custard.

If somebody handed me that 3 course meal I would not even have time to answer.

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